Dec. 8, 2021

SDG 9 | Leveraging Immersive Learning & Digital Engagement for the SDGs | Samantha Matthews

SDG 9 | Leveraging Immersive Learning & Digital Engagement for the SDGs | Samantha Matthews
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Welcome back SDG Talkers!! Thanks for joining us for another episode of highlighting change makers and their inspirational work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

"To reach sustainability goals, we need an overhaul / rethink about infrastructure to make systems that are more accessible and inclusive so we can move about the world in a way that feels more natural to us..."


- How LOCI combines the human experience, our physical beings, & tech to enhance our lives

- How web 3.0 technologies to increase safety & efficiencies

- How to build behavior-changing training tools

Full of passion with a desire to disrupt and advance society forward, CEO/CTO Samantha Mathews founded LOCI, an innovative safety training platform that measurably reduces risk in any environment. An early adopter of webXR and Web3 protocols, Samantha uses immersive learning, digital presence and web-based accessibility to build behavior-changing training tools and bring safety into the future.

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