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Great work by Kevin and James trying to breakdown different aspects of SDGs! There’s always something new to learn in every episode. Highly recommend!

Great and easy listen!
Informative and very easy listen. I love this podcast!

Amazing content!
I could listen to these two talk sustainability for hours!

Great podcast!
Amazing podcast led by Kevin and James! You can tell they are passionate about raising awareness around the SDGs. I am always amazed by the guests they bring on! Great work!!!

ALWAYS so informative!
Love this podcast! It dives so deep into the SDGs and offer such different perspective from different fields of study across the world🌎

If you want to continue thinking and improving even after an episode, this is the podcast for you!
Great episode! Love podcasts that make me think even after the episode is over. It was great to learn about education and especially education disparities without involving politics.

Super Informative, Highly Recommend!
Such a cool podcast about the world’s biggest challenges! Great way to learn about big issues and how everyone can help do their part.

Highly recommend
Great hosts, great topics, great format! Couldn’t recommend a better podcast

Amazing podcast
This podcast is incredible. It’s so educational and Kevin is kind, passionate and smart.

Good Stuff
Nice pod. Lots of interesting g content here.

This podcast is what the podcast world has been missing. Hard hitting subjects that really cut to the core of the issues. I have learned so much in such a short series and cant wait for more episodes. Joe Rogan has nothing on SDG Talks and im sure we will see that reflect in the ratings. - Big Daddy learns-alot.

This pod is inspirational! Kevin and James do a fantastic job and I love it when I get the notification that a new pod has dropped!

Insightful, inspiring, educational, and actionable
Kevin and James do an amazing job at bringing in the right guests to not only highlight what these leaders in the sustainability space are doing to tackle the 17 SDGs but ensure listeners are educated in a easy-to-understand way, always ending the pod with clear actionable steps/outcomes so we can help drive progress towards the goals as individuals. Keep it up guys, love what you are doing ⚡️

Love the Pod!
Love what you’re doing! Keep making a positive difference🤙🏼

Informative and interesting!
Kevin and James do a fabulous job presenting SDGs to those of us who are not immersed in that world on a day-to-day basis but are interested and want to be educated. Thanks for all you do Kevin and James. The world is a better place because of you!

Informative & insightful
Kevin’s passion for SDGs is infectious. Love this podcast!

Sharp and Intelligent look at the future
Smart take on the future roadmap, I loved the AI episode and how we can ethically keep Building technology in a sustainable way. Highly recommend for those looking for great commentary on building a better future.

Must listen in sustainability
Great leaders in the space. Unique content

Great Listen
Trying to change the world 1 podcast at a time. The education these podcast give are second to none.

Honest, engaging and inspiring!!
Kevin and James talk about real issues with real people in a way that inspires you and makes you think about how you can do more. They offer big picture solutions and host so many diverse people I feel like I am getting to learn about various points of views. Highly recommend!!

Great passionate commentary from knowledge experts. Great listen!

The education we need!!!!!

Always spot on
Always timely, great material and worth the listen.

Best podcast to get knowledgeable & stay motivated
True insight into the way our world works from two incredibly knowledgeable and personable experts — BIG FAN!!

Insightful, real conversations
I love the variety of individuals interviewed on this podcast. All coming from different walks of life with unique SDG experiences and perspectives to share with listeners.

Informative and Positive.
Kevin has an incredibly uplifting and positive presence. Listening to these conversations is refreshing, informative, and there are so many gems and tips to apply to anyone’s day-to-day lifestyle. Look forward to watching his platform evolve, grow, flourish!!

Great, factual information!
I find this podcast very insightful! The hosts and guests are well-versed in the SDGs and provide factual information to help listeners better understand the current situation and goals. Highly recommend!

Very insightful
I’ve been looking for a good podcast on the SDGs and finally here it is! The speakers ask great questions and I love the format. Keep it up!