April 7, 2022

SDG 13 | Using Carbon Markets to Drive Sustainable Development | Joona Mikkola

SDG 13 | Using Carbon Markets to Drive Sustainable Development | Joona Mikkola
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Should we put a price on nature?

Welcome back SDG Talkers!! Thanks for joining us for another episode of highlighting change makers and their inspirational work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!


- Do humans truly value nature?

- What are carbon markets, and how can we use them?

- What role should technology play in driving eco-consciousness? What role should humans play?

Let's find out from climate tech startup founder and Nature-based Solutions expert Joona Mikkola. Obvious by his years of experience in developing, managing and monitoring agriculture, natural resources, and food security projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Joona is passionate about ecological economics, and sees his mission as inciting humanity to better value nature.

As a result, Joona started SoilWatch which gives satellite and artificially intelligent tools to project developers and land-users so they can easily monitor and model environmental changes. SoilWatch takes a (literal) grassroots approach to sustainable development and climate action by unlocking finance for sustainable land-use and Nature-based Solutions while providing a scalable solution for monitoring and valuing soil organic carbon and other natural assets and ecosystem services.

Let’s get SDG Talking!!

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