Innovation for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals cannot wait for the next large in-person gathering to occur.   With all the urgent needs that the current world presents, it is critical to rally the sustainability efforts towards ongoing progress.  After the 2019 UNLEASH Innovations Labs in Shenzhen China which united over 1,000 brilliant minds from around the world, this momentum towards progress seemed to hit an all-time high.  However, during the UNLEASH event two talents, James Armour and Kevin Sofen, were worried about what would happen after the event was over.  How can we continue this momentum around the United Nations Sustainable development Goals (SDGs)?  They thought it shouldn’t take large amounts of money, investment, or travel to keep this sustainability magic going.   Over lunch discussions between solution co-creation, SDG Talks was born with the idea of developing a physical and virtual platform where changemakers could share ideas, best practices, and stories around the Sustainable Development Goals.  As a first step towards that vision, the pair have launched the virtual podcast and online space for developing SDG Talks further.  This is a weekly discussion with fellow Change Makers on all the 17 SDGs that share best practices, highlight success stories, and inspire fellow changemakers around the world.  

About the Hosts

James Armour Profile Photo

James Armour

James is a cleantech expert with a background in biochemistry.

Kevin Sofen Profile Photo

Kevin Sofen

Kevin is a water expert with a background in human geography.