July 21, 2020

SDG # 6 - UNLEASHING Innovation in the Water Sector

SDG # 6 - UNLEASHING Innovation in the Water Sector
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What does innovation in the water sector mean? How do you "actually" innovate?  In this SDG Talks podcast, we are honored to have Barry Liner discuss the different obstacles and opportunities around innovation in the water sector. We will cover some of his biggest successes, failures, and messages to fellow Water-Prenuers out there!

Barry Liner is the Chief Technical Officer of the Water Environment Federation. Barry's passion for sustainable development was truly ignited when he spent 2003 working at the World Bank working on the Millennium Development Goals. Barry has spent nearly 30 years as a water professional including as a professor, an engineer, and a management consultant.  At the Water Environment Federation (WEF) he works with members and partners to drive innovation in the water sector.   But most importantly, Barry is an innovator that breaks down barriers in the water sector.