June 1, 2023

SDG 6 | Building Community Capacity & Sustainable Solutions in Rural Nepal | Emily Friedman

SDG 6 | Building Community Capacity & Sustainable Solutions in Rural Nepal | Emily Friedman
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What's it like living in one of the most remote, under-resourced regions of Nepal? And how can it get better?

Welcome back SDG Talkers!! Thanks for joining us for another episode of highlighting change makers and their inspirational work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

In This Episode:

  • Localization in the context of globalization
  • Understanding the importance of agriculture in development
  • Leveraging technology to overcome barriers

Find out from Emily Friedman, the Director of Innovation and Operations with the Oda Foundation based in Karnali, Nepal.

Emily is passionate about international development and has deepened her understanding of rural community development by working in Eastern Panama, Vietnam, and now in Karnali, Nepal - a place deemed a 'silent emergency' by Unicef for the lack of access to clean water, health resources, economic opportunity and more.

Emily's goal is to use her skills in administrative strategy, human-centered design, and strong people skills to lift up and support the most marginalized populations through grass-root sustainable solutions, because "when we lift up the most vulnerable, we lift the human race as a whole." Her specific interest lies in tackling the most pressing issues, including ongoing humanitarian crises, cyclical poverty, lack of educational resources, and food shortage issues/malnutrition effects.


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