Jan. 13, 2021

SDG #5: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs for Success with Michelle Kwok

SDG #5: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs for Success with Michelle Kwok

Michelle Kwok is a born and raised Vancouverite - medical science student turned social entrepreneur. She co-founded FLIK, a female-focused apprenticeship portal connecting female founders/leaders to ambitious female students to facilitate game-changing relationships that lift communities of womxn. Michelle has had the honour of speaking at universities and spaces across North America sharing her thoughts on entrepreneurship, womxn empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and breaking down barriers. She now serves on the alumni advisory council of League of Innovators and as an alumni rep for Next 36 where she works to accelerate more youth entrepreneurs. In sharing her vision for FLIK as well as the personal story behind discovering her journey, Michelle hopes to incite the next generation to create meaningful change.


Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/in/michelle-kwok-media/

Instagram/Facebook: instagram.com/mkwoks, instagram.com/weareflik, facebook.com/michellekwok46, facebook.com/weareflik