July 6, 2020

SDG # 2 - The importance of nutrition with Maureen Muketha

SDG # 2 - The importance of nutrition with Maureen Muketha
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Why is proper nutrition so important?  How can we spread this education to those across Kenya and the world?  In this episode of the SDG Talks Podcast, you will hear from Maureen Muketha who is a nutritionist that is passionate about Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Zero Hunger.  Maureen is the founder ofTule Vyema -Swahili word for‘Let’s Eat Right’.  Tule Vyemais an organization that raises awareness of proper feeding practices in communities so as to eliminate malnutrition incidences which are partly attributed to poor feeding habits. To date,Tule Vyemahas impacted over 400 households by making them food secure, improving their nutrition status, and economically empowered them.