May 10, 2020

SDG #2- Sustainable Farming with George Chapman

SDG #2- Sustainable Farming with George Chapman

Sustainable Farming is not a myth.  In fact, we have the capacity to grow more, eat healthier and live in harmony with mother earth… if we are willing to change our practices.  In this SDG Talks, you will hear from sustainable agricultural specialist George Chapman on a range of topics around sustainable farming. 

George is a 24 year old Australian that grew up on a Tea Tree farm and developed an interest in agriculture at a young age. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security and works as a graduate fellow for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. George has a strong interest and passion for regenerative agriculture and has helped develop a demonstration farm on his family's farm in Kenya ( where they aim to educate and train Kenya’s youth in regenerative, organic agriculture. He was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2019 and as a co-creator and host of the Young Changemakers Podcast series.  George hopes to share the pivotal role of youth in creating positive social and environmental change.


Young Change Maker Podcast Series: