Jan. 19, 2023

SDG 17 | The Origins, Impact & Future of UNLEASH | Flemming Besenbacher

SDG 17 | The Origins, Impact & Future of UNLEASH | Flemming Besenbacher
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Plus here's a sneak peak into UNLEASH 2023!

Welcome back SDG Talkers!!Thanks for joining us for another episode of highlighting change makers and their inspirational work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!


  • Why unite youth to unleash change towards the SDGs?
  • The history & future of the UNLEASH program
  • A reflection on the 1st regional lab in Greenland

Hear from the Chairman of the Board of UNLEASH Flemming Besenbacher!

Flemming is also the Founding Director of iNANO at Aarhus University where he was Professor of Nanoscience and Physics for many years. He has ample experience researching Nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanocatalysis, scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and is committed to bringing the world together to create a better tomorrow.

Let’s get SDG Talking!!

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