April 20, 2020

SDG #16 - Positive Storytelling to Inspire Change with Kasha Sequoia Slavner

SDG #16 - Positive Storytelling to Inspire Change with Kasha Sequoia Slavner
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In this SDG Talks podcast we will explore the "forgotten SDG 16" through positive storytelling with Kasha Slavner.  By sharing stories of people who have triumphantly overcome adversity, we can learn about what it means to make the world a better place despite all obstacles. 

Kasha Sequoia Slavner started The Global Sunrise Project which is multi-award-winning GEN-Z documentary that creates positive impact media. Kasha is a recognized global youth leader, Kim Phuc Peace & Diana Award recipient, 10x UN Youth delegate, UN Solutions Summit youth adjudicator, and one of the Voices of SDG16+. She uses her storytelling platform to conduct educational outreach, screenings, exhibitions and workshops to inspire & empower youth civic action for the Sustainable Development.  Her documentary, The Sunrise Storyteller, has travelled to 60+film festivals and won 28 awards including the Ron Kovic Peace Prize and the Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award.

LinkedIn Profile:https://www.linkedin.com/in/kasha-sequoia-slavner-64b83a70/

Movie Trailer:https://vimeo.com/207300702 

Sunrise Storyteller website:http://thesunrisestoryteller.com/

Global Sunrise Project Website:https://www.theglobalsunriseproject.com/