May 18, 2020

SDG #15 - Deforestation, Orangutans & Wildlife Conservation with Deya Ward

SDG #15 - Deforestation, Orangutans & Wildlife Conservation with Deya Ward
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Deya Ward is a zoologist, filmmaker and speaker who is passionate about the natural world and conservation of natural ecosystems. Having completed her masters degree in wildlife filmmaking two years ago, Deya has worked at the BBC on David Attenborough’s landmark series Seven World’s One Planet and is now working with another production company on a wildlife series produced for Netflix.  Although Deya is an advocate of all wildlife, her hero is the orangutan, and she spent 8 months living with these animals in the jungles of Borneo where she also picked up her impressive Idonesian skills.

#Begins at 08:00 minutes

Film : ‘The Lost Person of the Forest’ a film by Deya

Bbc palm oil article: Written during my time at the BBC working on Seven Worlds One Planet:

Tree app:

George monbiot articles: ‘Climate Breakdown article archive:

Forest 500: Online ranking of 500 leading deforestation drivers

Championing Change - Episode 1 Deya: mentioned some of these anecdotes in the podcast!)

Edited by Kitty Mccargo-Walklate and Ben Tulloh,