Oct. 12, 2020

SDG #14 - Artistic residencies, the Power of Culture & Ocean conservation

SDG #14 - Artistic residencies, the Power of Culture & Ocean conservation

Ombretta Androff is an  Italian-born, Miami-based freelance curator and climate activist with more than twenty years of curatorial expertise with an international practice across non-profit institutions, commercial galleries, and art advisory pursuits with private clients.

An avid swimmer, diver and kiteboarder, since moving to Miami in 2013, Ombretta's passion for the Florida waterways inspired ARTSail, a nomadic residency and research initiative that instigate creative and climate change inquiry.  Along with a team of Miami-based curators, Ombretta recently organized the first IKT Congress in the US, held in Miami April 11-14, 2019, with a post-congress in Havana, April 15-18, 2019.

Since co-founding ARTSail with the ArtCenter/South Florida (now Oolite Arts), Ombretta’s interest and focus has shifted towards investigating how arts and culture can promote resilience and sustainability and moving communities from climate awareness to climate action.

Here is the link for the ringtone: https://www.tuunes.co/ringtone/the-coral-sonata

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