March 12, 2020

SDG #13 - Alternative Energy Strategies with Luke Barbagallo

SDG #13 - Alternative Energy Strategies with Luke Barbagallo
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Luke Barbagallo’s mission is to be an active participant in a collective journey towards social, economic and environmental sustainability. He is driven by an inquisitive nature and an unwavering commitment to realizing a better tomorrow. (

Luke believes that strong community engagement and agency is the key to successful and sustainable communities, and I’m passionate about connecting local change-makers with government and private business in order to facilitate long term and meaningful change in our communities.

Currently, Luke leads Partnerships & Programs @ Pollinate Group.   Pollinate Group empowers women as leaders of change to distribute household products, such as solar lights and cooking appliances, that improve health, save time and save money for the world’s most neglected communities.

In November 2019 Luke participated in UNLEASH 2019 with a focus on SDG 13 - Climate Action.  He solution called Canary can be found here:

Other relevant links about Luke’s past work can be seen at the links below: