April 8, 2020

SDG #11 - The Impacts of Urban Planning on the SDG's with Kelsey Zlevor

SDG #11 - The Impacts of Urban Planning on the SDG's with Kelsey Zlevor
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In this SDG Talks with Kelsey Zlevor, we discuss urban planning, the impact of COVID-19 on public spaces, and how the urban framework plays a significant role in the UN SDG 2030 roadmap.

LinkedIn Profile:https://www.linkedin.com/in/kzlevor/

Kelsey Zlevor’s understanding of the role of place-- where we live, work, and play -- stems from her multidisciplinary background education in Environmental Science and Master's of Community and Regional Planning.  Kelsey currently practices at Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture and Planning in Oregon with expertise in land use and parks and recreation planning, and consulting for public sector clients.  She serves as chair of the City of Eugene's Sustainability Commission to help craft innovative environmental policy recommendations to City Council.  She was recently appointed to the Middle Housing Model Code Technical Advisory Committee for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, an entity developing landmark statewide housing code that enables increased housing density on single-famly lots: the first of its kind in the United States.