March 24, 2020

SDG #10 - Scalability of Tangible SDG Solutions with Radhika Ralhan

SDG #10 - Scalability of Tangible SDG Solutions with Radhika Ralhan

In this podcast with Radhika Ralhan we discuss key collaborative actions that are required to scale up SDGs, SDGs in Indian Context, how the private sector is contributing to advance the SDGs agenda, and why we can’t keep writing fancy reports without action.

Radhika Ralhan is a Global Impact Young Leader from India, awarded by the prestigious Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020. She is a sustainability systems expert, with a decade long work experience of driving the SDGs agenda by curating innovative SDGs Drivers Forum, leading one of its kind research on Assessing the SDGS in Indian context. She has been appointed by the Government of India, Bureau of Indian Standards, as a drafting expert to formulate the first of its kind CSR Standards that are aligned with SDGs. She is based in DC and is working with Collaborating for Resilience (CoRe).  The Collaborating for Resilience is an international organization working in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America to strengthen equitable environmental governance in interconnected resource domains and landscapes by fostering institutional innovation, and strengthening local development processes with an aim to create resilient communities.

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