Feb. 5, 2020

SDG #6 - Watershed Management with Claudia Coleoni

SDG #6 - Watershed Management with Claudia Coleoni

Welcome to the first episode of the SDG Talks Podcast! As this is a work in progress, we ask for your feedback so this can improve over time.

The goal of this podcast is to create ongoing discussion around the SDG Goals on a daily basis. After many talents had an amazing experience at the UNLEASH 2019 event in Shenzhen China, we were hungry for more progress. While the experience was amazing, we thought: "What happens after the event?". How can we keep the momentum going for 365 days of every year for the rest of time?

In this first podcast, with Claudia Coleoni, (www.linkedin.com/in/claudiacoleoni/) we learn about the dynamics of nature based solutions and various water crises in Latin America.  Claudia is a Researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Latin America Centre and an academic visitor at the University of Oxford, where she completed her MSc degree in Water Science, Policy and Management. At SEI, she provides technical and scientific support in the implementation of strategies and projects related to water management, river basin planning and sustainable sanitation. Currently, she has been working on the Bolivia WATCH Project - or WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Thinking Connected to Hydrology - to ensure both clean and available water in priority river basins in Bolivia, and on the Water Beyond Boundaries initiative in the Magdalena-Cauca river basin, Colombia. Claudia’s work seeks to implement the 2020-2024 SEI’s strategy around the SDGs in Latin America.

At the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, Claudia contributed to the SDG 6 Water and Sanitation by co-creating Yaku (https://unleash.org/solutions/yaku/), a solution to address the gap between water intermittent supplies coming from water tanks and the user's need for clean, reliable and affordable water supply in the peri-urban areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia.