April 15, 2021

SDG # 4: Education is Opportunity with Giancarlo Brotto

SDG # 4: Education is Opportunity with Giancarlo Brotto

Giancarlo Brotto is a Global Education Catalyst who engages with government officials, policy-influencing organizations, thought leaders, school system decision-makers and researchers to gain insights and influence trends in the education sector. He has served on the informal advisory group for the Skills for Social Progress Project – OECD, sat on the board of directors for C21 Canada and is currently the Chair of the Samuel Beatty Fund  at the University of Toronto, member of the steering committee for Karanga,  Global Education Advisor for SMART Technologies, and Executive Director and Cofounder of Catalyst.

In this episode:

- How to break down barriers and inequalities to enable fair education for all

- Empowering teachers to rethink the learning process

- Never underestimate the impact one teacher can make

- Why we need new metrics to evaluate student success

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gbrotto/

Samuel Beatty Fund: http://www.samuelbeattyfund.org/ 

Karanga: https://karanga.org/

Catalyst: https://www.educatalyst.com/