Feb. 10, 2022

SDG 3 | A ‘Lollipop-like’ Device to Deliver Healthcare | Dr. Vivek Manoharan

SDG 3 | A ‘Lollipop-like’ Device to Deliver Healthcare | Dr. Vivek Manoharan

How can we make healthcare simple, accessible and impactful for all?

Welcome back SDG Talkers!! Thanks for joining us for another episode of highlighting change makers and their inspirational work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!


- How simple engineering and technology solutions can address healthcare gaps

- How UNLEASH unites the SDG community to advance progress

- Some challenges and opportunities within the SDGs 2030 roadmap

Let's learn how biotech startup Test At Home Pte. Ltd. is simplifying diagnostics with a ‘lollipop-like’ device from the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer himself Dr. Vivek Manoharan, Ph.D.

Dr. Manoharan has merged academia, hospital, research and entrepreneurship to enable SDG 3, evident through the success of his Singapore-India-based startup (which is already being valued at $1 million USD!). Test At Home Pte. Ltd. has been working on proprietary home-based healthcare testing technologies - in simpler terms, non-invasive, at-home testing - with the goal to bring it into the daily lives of people everywhere.

With more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in leading hospital, biomedical and biomedical commercialization research, as well as a prestigious track record at institutions such as but not limited to National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Entrepreneur First, Dr. Manoharan is also an official SDGs ambassador, talent and judge at the UNLEASH and UNLEASH+ Innovation Lab. According to Dr. Manoharan, UNLEASH has been a crucial, supportive resource in his transition from idea to project implementation, helping him drive his next steps.

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