April 1, 2020

SDG #13 - Ripple effects of Climate Change with Sayanti Sengupta

SDG #13 - Ripple effects of Climate Change with Sayanti Sengupta
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In this episode with Sayanti Sengupta we discuss the ripple effects around climate change and the small actions individuals can make to have a positive impact on the macro environment.

Sayanti Sengupta, based in Berlin, is currently finishing her Master thesis on how social protection can help in climate adaptation. After her first masters in water management in Mumbai, she worked across slums and villages in India to help people get access to safe water, menstruation and sanitation facilities. She has worked as a consultant to the Red Cross Climate Centre, Bread for the World, and ITAD, and is passionate to work in the intersection between SDG6 and SDG13, bringing climate and water management together. She is also an English editor and coordinator for17 goals magazine.

Her solution from UNLEASH to bring sustainable hygiene products to females in India can beseen here.