Nov. 20, 2020

SDG #13 - Building a Climate Resilient India with Ranjan Panda

SDG #13 - Building a Climate Resilient India with Ranjan Panda
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What does the India of 2050 look like and how can YOU work to influence it? Due to the impacts of climate change, there is an increased frequency and severity of cyclones that are changing the landscape of India. We cannot sit on the sidelines and watch.

In this SDG Talks, you will all get to hear from Ranjan Panda, popularly known as Water Man of Odisha & Climate Crusader, was awarded the first “Green Hero” in Dec 2010 by NDTV, received it from the President of India. Recently he was also profiled as “Odisha’s Conservation Master” by Hindustan Times. Very recently, recognized as ‘Mahanadi River Waterkeeper’ by the New York-based global ‘Waterkeeper Alliance'. His research works on sea rise, desertification, and traditional knowledge in weather forecasting.

We will address the issue of climate deniers, the importance of free-flowing rivers, how to respect science and mother earth, and what citizens can do to implement REAL change.

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